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The image above shows a detail of a painting by Steve Edwards from our recent exhibition at Bilston Craft Gallery, which also featured, Paula Kovacs, Sharon Samuel David Morrin and Ruth Watkins.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Creative Connections - Survival skills for artists

'Michael Jackson' painting by Bashir Chamberlain - course showcase 2010

Paintings and Wallhangings by Sarah James - Course Showcase 2010

Wolverhampton Adult Education Service offers a unique
programme for artists who are considering self-employment.

Creative Connections aims to equip artists with the essential skills to help them make a living. During the course you will be encouraged to explore ways of working as an artist and hone the following skills:
  • Confidence in talking about your work and approaching and negotiating with organisations
  • Compiling a relevant CV and artist's statement
  • Understanding pricing, invoicing and tax
  • Identifying promotional tools including social networking
  • Seeking opportunities
  • How to capitalise on local knowledge and resources 
  • All this is done in a friendly and supportive environment where you can meet like- minded people.
The next 15 week course starts in September 2012  on Tuesdays from 1-3pm at Bilston Craft Gallery.
Who can take part?
It is suitable for artists working in a variety of disciplines. This has included painting, photography, textiles, jewellery, glass, ceramics, illustration and many more.
Participants are normally graduates in their art form or artists with considerable experience of their discipline area.
What does the course involve?
The sessions will incorporate seminars with group discussion, individual tasks and visiting speakers. During the daytime programme visits will be incorporated where relevant. Towards the end of each course there’s an opportunity to participate in a showcase exhibition to take place in Wolverhampton city centre.
Over the last decade the course has supported many artists making their first steps into self -employment or arts related employment, for example; selling work through craft fairs and exhibitions, working in schools, arts and health, gallery education work, arts development, public art commissions and community arts.
Artists who complete the course successfully, benefit from increased confidence and direction and a ‘Toolkit’ to assist them in the development of their career.
I’m interested, how can I find out more?
Enrolment is taking place now, for further information call the Adult Education Service on 01902 558180. You can also follow our Twitter account at @creativewton for useful tips and opportunities for artists.
The course costs £99, if you are in receipt of JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) or Work related ESA (Employment Support Allowance) you will be exempt from fees. Those on other benefits may receive some support on a discretionary basis.

Comments from previous learners;
“The group discussions and assignments are all designed to increase knowledge and develop a range of skills that are rarely taught at university or art college. “

“I still keep work diaries and use time-lines, tools I learned on the course. I gained in self-confidence, met like-minded people and have sold some work.”
“I found the course really useful because it made me focus on how I want to use my creative skills to find work”

Sculptures by Marja Bonada -

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